The Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA

On September 2nd, Sam Russell & The Harborrats will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their first album “The Katie Sermon” at The Sunset Tavern. They will commemorate the occasion by performing the album in it’s entirety with original drummer Dave Forrester behind the kit and other special guests joining.

Upon its release in 2006, “The Katie Sermon” garnered local acclaim and was added to regular rotation at local listener-supported station KEXP, who regularly played 5 of the album’s 8 songs. This led to a high-voltage live in-studio appearance at the station that will be released for the first time at the anniversary show and given away for free download to all attending guests.

Sam and band will be releasing the first single from their upcoming album this coming November but before going ahead, they'll take a night to look back and celebrate.

September 2nd will also celebrate the release of the FORTY-FIFTH compilation of music from Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly! Longtime cheerleaders and supporters of the Seattle music scene and great music beyond, BOW will be issuing their latest volume with the theme of "One-Minute Singles" Rock n' roll has a long unheralded tradition of short songs and this edition will feature a lovingly assembled sequence of songs that clock in at no more than 90-seconds apiece. Most of these songs will be specially commissioned for this compilation and include many BOW regulars, including Sam Russell & The Harborrats, The Foghorns and BOW founder Levi Fuller & his band The Library.